Spa Routine Kit

Spa Routine Kit

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"The Summer SmilesTM SPA ROUTINE KIT will help you keep your spa water clear and properly balanced all season long.


This Kit contains: 1 x container of 500 mL of SPA BROMA 25 x 20 g tablets of SPA BROMA ULTRA 1 x bottle of 500 mL SPA CLARITA ULTRA 2 IN 1 3 Sphagnum moss strips 1 container of water test strips 1 Blue measuring spoon of 25 ml 1 Clear measuring spoon of 20 g


Products not included in kit that may be required: • Summer Smiles KLEAN FILTER cleaner • Summer Smiles SPA pH + • Summer Smiles SPA pH - • Summer Smiles SPA Calcium + • Summer Smiles SPA ALKA + Benefits *Controls bacteria in spa water

*Keeps spa water clear all season long *Easy-to-use: add just once a week *No chlorine odour Category: Routine "