Closing Kit

Closing Kit

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Closing Kit contains all the products needed to properly close your pool at the end of the season

The Summer Smiles CLOSING KIT will ensure your pool is properly closed at the end of the season. This kit will prevent algae growth over the winter and its slow-dissolving products will keep working until the spring to make opening the pool easier next season.

Your kit contains

  • 1x 500 mL Alg Out 40% / bottle
  • 1x 250 mL Clarita Ultra 2 IN 1 / bottle
  • 1x 1 kg Alka+ / bottle

Other products not included in the kit that may be required:

  • Summer Smiles Klean Multi
  • Summer Smiles pH+
  • Summer Smiles pH-
  • Summer Smiles Ice Away


  • Prevents algae growth during winter
  • Slow-dissolving products keep working until spring