Pool Salt (20kg)

Pool Salt (20kg)

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For a pool of 40000 liters, 1 bag will raise the level of salt by approximately 500 PPM. Make sure to check the salt level on your machine after 24 hours of circulation before adding more salt. 

If you already have salt in the pool from the previous season, you should NEVER have to add more than 2-3 bags for an average-sized (80000 liter) pool. Don't ADD more salt than you need! 


  • Extra-fine, quick-dissolving crystals for easier mixing

  • Contains a stain fighter to eliminate discolouration

  • High-purity salt specifically engineered for pools using chlorine generators

  • Contains no YPS or iodine

  • Eliminates the need to handle chemical chlorine

  • Provides water than is gentler on eyes, skin and hair

  • Safe for all pools

  • 20 kg